Windows 7 ultimate 64bit running a 32 bit program

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I have a question regarding Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. Actually, I have got windows 7 64 bit OS installed on my system and I want to know that can I run a 32bit program on it. I do not have much knowledge about software applications so I would appreciate any help in this regard.

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  1. Harry

    Windows 7 64bit certainly will run programs that will run on windows 7 32bit. However, not the entire 32bit programs will run on Windows 7. This is because there are many programs that will run on Windows XP and before that will not run on Windows 7. If there had been Windows 7 Pro version (or upgrade) there is a program that can be downloaded from Microsoft that will simulate an XP environment to allow programs to run which otherwise will not be allowed. It is believed that this will not include ALL programs as windows 7 security settings will not probably allow some memory control for the programs that XP allowed. It is suggested to first look into a newer version of the program that are desired to run. This feature was made due to the fact that some business programs (especially custom and customized ones) cost businesses thousands of dollars and would not be able to transition over to windows 7 for years otherwise. The user has to consider that a newer version of the program might not be that much more expensive than upgrading to pro, and with the newer version, usually comes newer features.

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