Will tire fit stock rim?

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I have an SUV with stock 16x8 rims I would like to put some new tires on them. I have no idea will it work or not? I was thinking about 235-85-16s, but friend said the rims are too wide. Is that true? I confused what to do, as I have no such information related to this. Can you help, as I have no such information on stock rim?


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  1. John


    An LT235/85R16 has an acceptable rim width range of 6 to 7. How you can fix it with the tire ultimately, the tire will not fit on that rim. I think it is quite clear now that a good combination of tire and rim is quite necessary for a better drive. You know before taking any step which could seriously damage you car, it is better to consult some reliable source where you can solve your issues easily.

    But I suspect you are replacing P metric tires with LT metric tires and I recommend against that. Otherwise you will damage you car without any purpose. So keep it in mind that P metric tires are designed quite differently than LT metric tires and there are some circumstances where switching the two types just does not work. I have provided you the relevant information still need some information than do consult here. I will be happy to give you reliable information on this topic.

    Feel free to share your ideas or queries if you have any.


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