why not invite people who have such credibility that people actually pay attention to what they say

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I am not supporting the killing of Salman Taseer but I would like to mention here that the way he conducted the whole matter, he himself invited ppl to do something like that which by no means is a justification of what happened. But all I am saying is that the entire population of pakistan is not educated especially regarding islamic teachings that they can make an informed decision on their own due to which they turn to religious scholars and some of these scholars are not themselves well educated about islam. This incident has divided the nation into two extreme mindsets. One which thinks that whatever happened was right and the other one which outrightly rejects the whole concept and the idealogy behind this law. Portraying the true picture is what needs to be done and my suggestion is that there should be a national conference that provides the true spirit and concept behind this law. We cannot blame a particular law itself to be wrong if it is being misused by some people and innocent people are being victimized by it. In Pakistan, our jails are full of innocent people who have been victimized wrongly which includes crimes like theft, robbery, homicide and what not but we dont take it to the streets to get these laws modified? The important issue that needs to be addressed is the implementation of the law, whatever it maybe. If a law has a loophole which makes it easier to frame an innocent person then definitely we need to remove those loopholes but at the same time we must not forget that we are all muslims even though our actions might not be those of true believers. Eversince this incident happened people on the liberal extreme are also going over the board and instead of actually moving towards betterment they are helping the situation to get worse and same is the case of the other extreme. This is a very serious matter and any common person simply does not have enough knowledge or authority over Islam that they can pass their judgements therefore this matter needs to be addressed very seriously and by people who have very strong command over the teachings of islam and it's laws and also have the credibility within the nation so that people actually listen to them. We must not be a party to anything that is unislamic which includes taking justice into your own hands and also includes any sort of blasphemy or disrespect towards our Prophet (S.A.W)

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