The Copacabana song by Barry Manilow

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I have a question regarding a song called Copacabana that is sung by the legendary singer and song writer, Barry Manilow. I love the song Copacabana, but what I never understood why its hottest spot north of Havana? Is it this the Havana on Cuba and hence the Copa south of Havana? If that is the Copacabana of Rio de JaneiroIs, then this just a little mistake or what was behind it?

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  1. Harry

    This is absolutely right that the famous Copacabana beach is in Rio de Janeiro. Also, as far as one can understand, Barry and Bruce Sussman came up with the title for Copacabana after vacationing in Rio. However, the theme or concept of the song (Lola the Showgirl, Tony, Rico, etc.) was inspired by the world-famous Copacabana nightclub in New York City. That is why there is the line in the song "the hottest spot north of Havana." Quite understandably, it is a little confusing because Rio de Janeiro is definitely south of Havana, Cuba. However, the Copacabana nightclub in New York City was very much like the one in the Copacabana movie in which Barry played Tony Starr. In fact, those dinner/theatre type clubs were very popular during the 1940s with dinner and a floor show which included those famous showgirls like Lola. For example, the time period in the song Copacabana is mentioned with lines like "that was 30 years ago when they used to have a show." Since Copacabana was written in the 1970s, it is obvious Barry, Jack Feldman and Bruce Sussman were referring to the 1940s when these "supper clubs" (as they were often referred to) were in their heyday.

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