why my blood is cheaper than water?

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I am a muslim and these days muslim's blood is cheaper than water... I want to know why?
there are organizations defending and fighting for life of animals...strugling for animal rights...
But Nobody cares if my children get killed by Israel bombs or they are slaughtered in india streets...
I have many muslim brothers accross the world , allot of muslim countries too ,but after rasing their voice for some time they think its enough n they did allot...

I am terrorist in Iraq and afghanistan and Kashmir, but my killer is world's great peace maker.
Israel killing hundreds of children! is peace maker and my kids killed in Palestine streets are terrorist... Palestine children's stones are proven mass destruction weapons but Israel tanks and bombs are only for peace.
In Iraq , American soldier are making peace by kidnapping and raping muslim women!!! ... still they are peace makers..
any way !!! please let me know why my blood is cheaper than water !!!

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  1. Guest15998
    No respect for Muslim life! Muslim blood is cheaper than water! We are indeed being treated (as quoted in the hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) as scum which collects above the water. That is because nobody is there to protect us. How many more Muslims are going to die before the Muslim ummah wakes up, say no more and change their situation? Where is the Salahuddin Ayubi of our time? It is shameful that despite having over 50 Muslim states, the OIC, Arab League etc, the Muslim leaders have done nothing but offer a few lines of shameful rhetoric. Palestine shares a border with Egypt, but Egypt has closed its borders to the Palestinians making it a cell for them. They have nowhere to flee whilst the bombardment continues. Who is going to protect them, give them security and liberate them? Where are the Muslim armies? Are they deaf, dumb and blind? Do they not hear the screams and see the bloodshed?

  2. Guest15984
    But we shoulb be good muslims we need change ourselves and give dawa to other ppl as well. we need to be serious with our relegion, must follow and respect each and every golden principle of Islam. get stick to Islam, ask help from Allah SWT, get stronger in All platforms, all kind of technology, media , IT . But today five times Salah with pure heart is difficult for muslims... watching movies listening music all the time thats what is easy ??? ppl take your relegion serious and think about the time when soul leaves body alone. All blessings will be returned not even a finger you can move!!! So start thinking for future...
  3. Guest15787
    don't worry, Islam will win, just start being a true muslim inshallah everything will workout. this is a Test from Allah.
  4. Guest15746
    who is financing Israel's indiscriminate butchery??? Answer ________
  5. Guest15746
    Bush loves rich Muslims. He's always loved rich Muslims, ever since they got him started in business and made him rich when his businesses failed. Bush shows his affection for rich Muslims by holding their hands - rich arabs and there money. Bush doesn't hate all Muslims but true muslims

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