Why is rob zombie filming Halloween 2?

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I think the movie was not very good and it did not go well on the box office as well. Anyone know why rob zombie is filming Halloween 2.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Halloween 2 is an American horror film which was written, directed and produced by the famous director Rob Zombie. This film and movie is a sequel to the 2007 remake of the movie Halloween in the year 1978. It is also the tenth film in the series of Halloween film series. It started from where the previous version in the year 2007 ended. The sequel was first announced at the Years of Terror Convention, which was held in the year 2008. Shortly after the release of the 2007 movie remake, Zombie said that he will not be making another Halloween film.
    After many unsuccessful attempts to draft a script for the sequel, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, and also Malek Akkad secured an updated contract for Zombie, who had a renewed interest in the film, to writing and direction. In the movie Halloween II, Zombie focused more on the connection between Laurie and Michael, and the idea about their psychological problems. Zombie wanted the sequel to be close to the reality and violent than its previous 2007 predecessor. Zombie wanted have a look at how the events of the first film affected and changed the characters. Zombie also wanted to show the type of connection that is between Laurie and Michael, and provides a glimpse into the character psyche.
    The reviews about the movie say that Halloween 2 has an overall rating of about 21 percent which is approved rating from the critics, it has an average score of 3.7 out of 10. By comparison, Metacritic, assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from the mainstream critics, the film has received the average score of about 46, which was based on 15 reviews.

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