why is moshi monsters not working

by Guest14187072  |  10 years, 10 month(s) ago

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when will it be fixed what if it never comes on again : (

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  1. Guest28160557

    it won't work it says is already open on another window are browser. please close any other page. but i don't have another open



  2. Guest22697158

    moshi monsters is not working because my school has blocked it because i was not doing my work and i was playing on this all the time and my parents said i was adicted to it so my mum told the school to block it and the school bloced it

                        sorry by zaoni white

  3. Guest22661464

    please help!!!  as soon as i got a moshi member activation card my sign in never worked even when i wrote my right password and name help me i REALLY miss playing on moshi monsters i feel so sorry for mine even though its not real. im ony a kid so help me please

  4. Guest22509438

    Well maybe you have to get a better computer because my mini laptop is not working on it and when i use my older brothers big laptop it works!

    P.S Add me my name is icebreaker66 ;D

  5. Guest21410925
    you might need to install something like abdobe player or flash players P.S add me ny name is evielou519 and my other username is eveleanor
  6. Guest19994010
    most of the moshiers have left
  7. Guest19916909
    it wont work on my phone on the internet
  8. Guest19891047
    Your computer may have something wrong with it!!!!! PS: Add me on Moshi, my user name is regirock123
  9. Guest17565022
    Moshi monsters is working for me!:) try retyping it correctly...:) or just go on to google and type in moshi monsters:) hope it helps.
  10. Guest17565022
    Moshi monsters is not working beacuse they are tring to add something special for all people members and non members.
  11. Guest17565022
    moshi monsters is not working because it may have a causse that your adminsitratior has blocked it.
  12. Guest17103697
    hey!!i dunno how to open my acc.soo,can u guys plzzz help me and my younger brother??
  13. Guest14418573
    Its working now but it was not working because of the new house shop thing

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