why is justin bieber so hot

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why is justin bieber so hot

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  1. Guest23286558

    OMG I dont care why or how. I just freakn LOVE HIIIIIIMMMMMM!!!!


  2. Guest20601652
    justin is hot becase he hes a beautiful hair,body and voice.justin is mine ok,and he love me very much.that was kiding.
  3. Guest20223668
    because he has s**y hair his smile is to die for and he has s**y abs
  4. Guest19194247
  5. Guest19194247
    my gosh nobody on this site reads this stuff when i got on and read this yall some very bad cousers look i dont even know how too spell it but bet you guys havet been to a justin bieber concert and got his aughtogragh plus because of that everybody at school freaks over just a copy like i will print it and they will be freaked and i think justin stamps his autograghs because once i was looking at my posters and they were the same but i soooo stillll loveee himmm
  6. Guest19182129
    my gosh he is realy hot i think he is such a angel totally sent from above the cutiest clouds you could ever see and it is not my fault he was is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy HHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
  7. Guest19182129
    my gosh he is realy hot i think he is such a angel totally sent from above the cutiest clouds you could ever see and it is not my fault he was is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy HHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
  8. Guest19016817
    he was born an angel, god said to his deciples " Gentlemen and Ladies here we have the most ancient and gorgeous man on earth , welcoming... Justin Drew Bieber ". And in an instant he dropped down from a cloud and BAM there was the hottest guy on earth. To read this in your bible turn to page 1149.
  9. Guest18399825
  10. Guest18332957
    I would loooooove to french kiss Justin. He's so adorbale and his songs just make me o****m right on the spot. Like the other day I was in the warehouse buying some nice shoes. His song comes on and BANG instant orgrasm, just fell down shaking in the middle of the store. I noticed several others doing so as well. He's a 14 year old boy, I love 14 and unders the most, actually. My most recent rape victim was a 12 year old boy, and hot dayum. Anyway, justins in my country now, I think I'll get my crowbar, tape and rope ready. Gona be a good night. PS: I raped usher. PSS: I'm g*y.
  11. Guest18244854
    u fucken a holes justin is not a f*g u just sayin that cuz u a wannabe wit no life of ur own so u got to hate on him cauz u ant got nothin better 2 do wit your raggaty faggaty self sittin in front of a computer get a damm life while ur at it get a d**n plastic surgery cauz i bet u heeeeeelll ugly. n all u jelouse b*****s r haten n cauz u mad that ur boyfriend... if u even got one is fucken ugly... n u have 2 hate 2 feel better cauz no one loves u not even ur mamaor dady so dont get it twisted b*****s..... f**k all u hoes ... n wats funny is he dont even care about wat u say cauz hez getin money wat about u pooor azz b*****s?
  12. Guest17876501
    finally someone that understands what i mean eczapt that one f****n person the fuskin flicked him off you all are f****n sick justin bieber is better than you think and you know what u dont know a f****n thing about him now do you have you f****n met him no!!!!!! you didnt meet him so pownnn and stop insulting him while he cant be here to defend his self dont you go there with justin and you know what mother S THAT you can stop talking about him like that give him a freakin chance and you know what i hatE ALL OF YOU FUCKERS SO STOP f****n TALKING ABOUT HIM YOU STUPIPID BUTT HOLES EVERYONE HATES A GIRLS THAT FREAKIN HATE JUSTIN BIEBERE AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT COMMMENT YOU MADE IS INSULTING TO GIRLS ALOURND NO WONDER YOU DONT HAVE FREAKIN GIRLFRIENDS BECAUSE YOU FREI=AKIN HATE JUSTIN BIEBER!WELL YOU PEOPLE I LIKE THE FACT THAT YOU MAY HAPPILY CUSS EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE DUDE WHO IS A FLIPPIN f****r SO d**n HIS b***h a*s SO HOLY s**t
  13. Guest17721057
    who? whover dosen't love justin bieber insane fool. his songs are ssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo romantic ;) his songs make my heart flutter Yay! Justin- if you read this, I am your #1 fan P.S- ( she's desperat!)
  14. Guest17721057
    cause he's flipin sizzilin got a problem with it? -good no one can deney it
  15. Guest17555251
    he's hot and F***n s**y and i want to french kiss him and marry him and have s*x and have babaies with him because he is hot and has a big wewe i have seen his wewe before. i have seen nude pitures of him.
  16. Guest17400174
    Justin Drew Bieber IS SOOOO HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BECAUE WAS BORN THAT WAY
  17. Guest17339649
    he just issssssss he is soooo HOTTTTT!!!!!! ;D
  18. Guest17339649
    he just issssssss
  19. Guest17137079
    Hey i totally agree with you, as a girl i do not find him attractive infact he's just a normal kid. He totally pisses off my boy friend and alot of guys at my school say that if you think he's cool they'll beat you up >.<.
  20. Guest17137059
    Holy ****.. honestly? let me kick you Fan girls and faggots a lesson. 1. HES A FKEN HOMO AND I UNDERSTAND WHY FAGGOTS WOULD LIKE HIM 2. There are more than thousands of young kids that are much better at singing than this little f****t. 3. ALL YOU FAN GIRL CAN KISS MY a*s(AND NO, WE ARE NOT FUCKEN JEALOUS, it just makes us mad to have to see a f****t 9 year old sing like a girl and get a bunch of views. I HONESTLY DONT WANT 12 YEAR OLD FAN f**s AT MY WINDOW, so if really really like him, FK OFF. 4. GO GET A FKING LIFE 5. NOW GO TO JUSTIN BEAVERS SHET VIDEO AND RATE IT LAME AND COMMENT "RIP"
  21. Guest17023351
    idk why but he is! I lovve his eyes and his hari, he is strong, athletic, Canadian, he is sweet, is great with kids and my age! what more could a girl ask for?!
  22. Guest16771857
    He's just hot because he's a celebrity, hahaha, yeah rite, he just kooollllllll like that. That's why I think he's just so hot and s**y.
  23. Guest15387613
    i don't know. but all i know is that it's not our fault that he is soooooooooooooooooo hot and i mean it
  24. Guest14701275
    his hair and eyes s**y
  25. Guest14259084
    Because justin bieber is hot like that!!!!!!!!!!
  26. Guest14259084
    Because he hot like that!!!!!!!!!!
  27. Guest13362764
    because he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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