why dont boys wear nail polish

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I am 12 yo male. I love to wear my toes painted but I am afraid that my dad won't like it. My babysitter paints my toenails often with pinks and silvers.

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  1. Guest28447763

    The people in this thread need to learn how to use proper ENglish grammar. Anyway, I am a guy who wears black nail polish on my hands 24/7 and love it. A lot of girls like a guy who wears nail polish. I had a group of girls flirting with me. Don't be ashamed, be proud


  2. Guest27546889

    i think boys   look cool with polished toenails im a boy and i keep mine poilshed 24/7

  3. Guest24920366

     I'm a 10 year old guy with pierced nipples and I paint my toenails all the time. I have had s*x multiple time as well

  4. Guest23926204

    nail polish just makes my hands and feet look better, s***w what others think, colored nails do not determine your sexual preference


  5. ZZ

     Some things are defined to be only and purely for specific gender. And these specified things are not supposed to be done by the opposite gender. 

    Nail polish is basically made for women so that they can be identified as to be the female one. Men can do fashion but use of nail polish is never there for men. 
    But still in come countries where the fashion practices are very much in there men also try to use nail polish like in Paris there is nothing wrong if any man is having nail polish on nails. But the real use of nail polish is only for women. 
    Boys only use nail polish when their girls friends insist to just to create some thing while they are together just to pass time and have fun these sort of things are done. 
    More ever Some things are modified as to be adopted by specific gender and therefore does not look admirable to other gender. 
  6. Guest23223828

    Thats disgusting boys should do boy stuff not wear makeup and nailposh!! Everything is wrong with that!! Gosh what is the world comming to!

  7. Guest22495294

    I am a boy and i like make-up, nothing wrong with it

  8. Guest21796104

    I paint mine pretty much every color i dont see whats wrong with it i think they look cool and my girlfriend even asks me if i can do hers.

  9. Guest21046870
    F*** no. I am a college age guy and wear blue lipstick and every nail polish color under the sun and I am as straight as can be. If you can sucessfully pull it off, go for it. Just don't look like a girl doing it. word of wisdom...
  10. Guest20684690
    I am a 15 year old boy, I have 1 inch long acrylic nails, they are curently painted a deep red, as are my toe nails, I am also wearing matching lip stick. I also have waist length red hair and pierced ears, I'm wearing large gold hoop earrings. I'm not g*y, my girl friend thinks I'm realy cool.
  11. Guest19809327
    i'm a boy and my toes are blue.
  12. Guest19728583
    im a boy and i keep my toenails polished in the summer silver or blue in the winter reds and pinks
  13. Guest18457663
    that's so funny because i painted my brother's toes/nails pink it want so funny!
  14. Guest18037635
    I think that boys that have pink toenails are cute. I painted my bf's hot pink the other night.
  15. Guest18037635

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