why do guys pretend to not like you and act as if they like another girl but they really like you?

by Guest22799556  |  8 years, 11 month(s) ago

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i know trhis guy likes me.he cried the day after he found out who i like.he just saw me staring at this guy and cried.and now today,he acted like he liked another girl and didnt cry.but it was obvious he wanted 2 cry because today,at pe,he looked at me sad as if he was rejected or something.and was jealous tpoday cuz i was laughing n tlking with some dudes and he was jealous and 6th period i was staring at this guy and he was looking at the guy sad then mad.i could tell he was heartbroken and wanted to cry but he didnt cuz he probably wants to cover it up.maybe he wants to move on with another girl cuz he knws i dnt like him.but i kinda do but i am moving on already soooo....and this didnt happen that long ago maybe last week or this week on monday but anyways at 6th period that day wen i stared at the other guy i looked to see his reaction and he was like crying a little and he just smiled at me but a sad smile and looked down.i think he did that just to be friendly.but i still wanna knw y is he pretending???thats wat i wnna knw...cuz i will nvr laugh at the way someone feels about me.y do guys pretend to like someone else?like if the girls r gunna laugh.

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    its love

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  4. Skyler

    p.s. (continuing with my last answer), they could also be doing this because they want to see what your "true" feelingz are about them...but with this guy...i think he really likes you maybe even loves you because he cried.

  5. Skyler

    guys do that because they just want to make you jealous and try harder to get them to like you and want you and not the other me,to some guys its all games,but if this guy cried....then i don't think its a game.some guys that do this are players,and others really like the girl and are a little afraid to completely show their "true" feelings,and trust me imma guy. some guys are brave enough to show their feelings,and some aren't.some guys are outgoing and some are shy.

  6. Guest22799556

    and wenever i stare at him as if i like him 2 see his reaction),he always stares at another girl with his fingers on his lips so i can tell hes pretending.and at 6th period today wen i wrote on the board,i turned around and he was looking at me smiling and he mad eit seem like he wa slooking at the girl he was talking to that wa snext to him,but i knw he was looking at me so y doe she pretend??im not gonna laugh.i would never laugh about the way someone feels about me.but y does he pretend??

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