why do girls kick guys nuts?

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girls kicking guys balls

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  1. Guest25026270

    I like to show them that they are not as tough as they think they are.  I see guys fight with each other and play sports and they are strong.  But I have never done all that and i can put any man on earth on the ground at my feet with the easiest kick.   Its cool and it brings them down off their egos.   I regularly tap guys at school so they act human around me, and they stand sideways or hold themselves when by me.   This means they are afraid of little old me.

    My dad was wrestling around with me and I deliberately back handed his balls when he was behind me.  He hit the ground and started coughing ????   He could not get up so I though well if I can put my dad down so easy then I could put anyone down.   My mom told me that i caused swelling in one of his testicles that was pretty bad.   I laid my head in his lap when he was sitting on the couch and rubbed his lower stomach to make him feel better, i moved my head gently on his balls like I was doing it by accident and hopefully it helped him to recover.

  2. lyls30

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  3. Skyler

    omg,seriously who would ask this ??? no offence

  4. Guest24080571

    only total hag b*****s do that hurts chicks pretty bad to get kicked in there cooter though. if a chick does that to you, unless shes a little girl. kick her right back in the puss an see how she likes it

  5. Guest22509136

    um..its kinda obvious.. u p**s me off and ill make you pay... right where it hurts...

  6. Guest22352883

    I give up - why?

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