why do black people have a nasty odor to them?

by Guest22876130  |  7 years, 2 month(s) ago

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why do black people have a nasty odor to them?

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  1. Guest27898809

     blacks dont take baths because they dont want to get ashy and to lazy to put lotion on or because they dont want to get the weave or wig wet and to lazy to have to straighten out the hair again.

  2. Guest24015156

    all of the answers to this idiotic question are retarded......and whats up with the whole allah thing. allah doesnt exist, if he does,then he is a doosh. and black people dont stink because of them being black, or have anything to do with fornication you dang dummys. all people can stink no matter what race or color. Shove ur finger up your bungholes and sniff...stinks right? Yea you frieks stink too, F-ing morons. Stop banging your sisters and cousins, or whoever it is your givin it too. Its making you all stupid......



  3. ZZ

    Yes that is right they mostly even have bath after s*x I agree with this as well. But here the problem is not with that black issue here to be noticed is that the basic education is given by mom, and these things are to be educated by mom not by color. And besides I know few white friend of mine who also do the same no bath after having s*x. The most stinky people are the people pf China. They stink the most because they also don't like to have bath even after s*x. but no one ever mentioned any thing about them. Same way black people also lack few things which are never educated to them so need to educate them instead of pointing them out and making fun that is what i am saying.

  4. Guest23673887

     I agree that they are created by allah but the almighty also told to  remain clean but mostly they don't even take bath after having sexual activities.

  5. ZZ

     I agree to the the given answer by the guest because it is indeed matter of how dirty you are and that is what it is. So you really are showing your anger and directing people towards wrong ideas about a race of people who are also made by the same Almighty which is Allah so how can be there any change. 

    The only change is that how much resources you have got with you and how much is your ability to spend money. Black people are unfortunately most of the time from poor countries and they have not got strength to enjoy those things which are there in modernized countries. You just have to think about how to earn in life not to create hate for a race of people a complete race.    
  6. Guest23673832

    People do not have an odor to them because of what race they are, if a certain person smells it is because they are physically dirty. That is what I have come across. Some  white, mexican, black and that have all  smelled.  They were all at that given time physically dirty.  Believe me, some area of their body was not clean. However, listening to your viewpoint makes me concern myself with the fact that you may be redirecting your anger.  That to me is often one of the downfalls of the world wide web.  It allows minds to be contaminated, with accountabily

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