why did you do this to me logan.

by Guest24919892  |  9 years ago

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why ?

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  1. Guest28106520

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  4. Guest24920119

    hey skyler. my name is eliza and i am a girl,but i'm sorry i already have a boyfriend. his name is marc. and i did have a cellphone,but then it broke,so my mom took it to get repaired. i live in texas.

  5. Skyler

    so if ur a girl,i kinda want a girlfriend,hehe:)) ohh,and i live in California

    if ur a guy,then nevermind.

  6. Skyler

    This iz 4 guest24920042: Karma is another word for "what goes around comes around". or say you do something bad to someone, such as bully them or be mean to them. . .if you do something bad to someone,then something bad will happen to you. That's why the golden rule is to treat people the way you want to be treated. ANYWAYZ,the person who asked the question,are u a boy or a girl and do u have a cellphone? cuz im bored and wanna chat...oh,and if ur a girl,i want a girlfriend..hehe:))

  7. lyls96r

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  8. Guest24920042

    okay what the hellz karma?

  9. Guest24919966

    babe,don't worry karma will hit him. it doesn't matter who believes it,itz real

  10. Guest24919892

    what the h**l? Lol. =)

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