why can't i sign in to my tagged account?

by carla  |  10 years, 2 month(s) ago

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i have been using tagged for a few years now and when i came home last sunday...since then i have been unable to sign back on

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  2. Guest28120804

     Look I have tagged account but forgot my pass word and when try to change my password they say there going to send me my pass word to email that I have but never get one so how can I log in my account . I know my account tagged ,so please let know how can I log into my account  ,thank you Ana .

  3. Guest28080540

    what's going on with tagged ? I sure hope its not only messing up for me  ... I try couple of times to sign in to my tagged account but luck what so ever ...... seems like its got an block on it or something ......please help (very disappointed )

  4. Guest27881329

    hi i am dennis c walker and i can't log into my account

  5. Guest24999521

    why i cant access my account

  6. Guest24443909

    how do i reactivate my cancelled account?

  7. Guest20588355
    i want to access my account

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