why can't my ipod nano take videos anymore?

by Guest21700474  |  8 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I love taking videos with my ipod nano, but recently, I was with my friend and we were filming this "movie" outside, and we kept going inside and outside, because it needed to be charged. I would put it in her charger that she uses for her itouch, and we would wait a little while, then go outside again. It kept running out of battery. We used it as much as possible, until at one point, it totally stopped taking videos altogether. It froze up, and had trouble turning on. It showed the apple thing. When I got home, I charged it completely, and I figured the video camera would work, but it didn't. It did the same thing. When I pressed the center, it didn't bother recording. Then, when I would press the menu button, it would not go to menu. Then, it turns off by itself, and when I try to turn it back on, it shows the apple symbol, but eventually goes to menu. The video camera is the only thing not working. It's completely fine when it comes to watching videos.

What is wrong with it? Is it fixable? What should I do? Please help!

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