why black people can,t float in water

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why black people can,t float in water

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  1. Guest22944261

     y'all donno me ya fools Im not black white blue or azn, im just uber kewlz and yall'er fuct up. I think y'all needa f****n grow a pairaballz and see the light. we allz born normal.

  2. Whitney
    Theres a myth that black people cant float because their bones are too heavy but thats not true. i float just like evryone else.
  3. Guest13268153
    Omg u dumb white b***h ...! U mad cause u un loved n probably a s**t!!! U can ssuck d**k 4 dat s**t u said wrd up if u was n my hood they beat the s**t out ya raices a*s !
  4. Guest12483834
    they are doo doo brown ugly and dumd. They came from the ghetto. They have nothing better to do than threaten people and curse for no reason.Black people dont Know right from wrong.Thats why right now there in jail and living on the streets selling drugs.Stay away from them,they are dangerous and smelly.
  5. Guest12483834
    because they are too doo doo brown to float and fat

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