why are white people so frightened by black people?

by Guest24000019  |  8 years, 4 month(s) ago

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why are white people so frightened by black people?

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  1. Guest28127661
    They are afraid because black people have taken over the United States and are terrorizing folks. They are violent, angry, abusive sociopaths. You can't talk to or disagree with them. They'll kill you for batting your eyelashes in the wrong directions.

  2. Guest27905863

    Because, they always have feared us. Way back in the slave days, they we're always afraid to give us a gun because we would blast their brains on the curve lol But today they fear us because they think we're violent and still mad about slavery lol Also a lot of Black males are bigger and stronger than White males.

  3. Guest27812941

     They are not afraid of them. What is there to be afraid of?

  4. Guest24925517

    Nobody's scared of black people. Anyone who is I feel bad for you.

  5. Guest24562023

    White people arent afraid of blacks, they are afraid of being limited by a bad criminal history if they decide to try to fight off blacks so, they just opt to stear clear and stay out of trouble.

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