Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis divorce

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I have a question regarding one of the most famous celebrity couple of the past, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. What I happen to know about them is that they were great as couple and were together for so long. As far as I am concerned, for me it was more than a surprise that they both broke off. Does anyone know by any chance that why Janet Leigh Divorced Tony Curtis?

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  1. Harry

    There are usually many reasons when a couple breaks up. However, one of the main reason for a couple breaking up is that either one is cheating the other. This is something which has become very much common especially in the western culture and is slowly creeping in the east as well. Husband starts cheating his and get interested in another woman, mostly for the purpose of sexual content which he happens to find decreasing with his legal wife. Same goes for the wife, she looks for other men that she finds better than her husband for any reason besides sexual contentment. The story of the two well-known celebrities, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh is by no means different. Their relationship started to break-up when Tony was able to find a 17 year old girl attractive. Divorce came in 1962, when Curtis abandoned Leigh and the children for a young Austrian actress, Christine Kaufmann and went on to marry four more times. On the other hand, Leigh almost immediately remarried stockbroker Robert Brandt and moved with her daughters to live a quieter life in the suburbs of LA.

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