who was Arlington Steward's imployer in the movie "the box"

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who was Arlington Steward's imployer in the movie "the box"

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    Short Answer: The "Bavarian" Illuminati Arlington Steward's employers are described by him in the movie. This description fits perfectly to the modern notion of what are called Bavarian Illuminati. Illuminati have reportedly been whitnessed in UFO encounters, by alien abductees, and other victems of simmilar paranormal phenomena. These are proposed to be enigmatic spiritual beings with technology so advanced that it is INDESTINGUISHABLE FROM MAGIC, as well as being highly knowlagable (illuminated), and viewed as a sinister force. As in the movie, ledgends of these Illuminati tell that they supposidly have great power over the humanity and it's fate. The movie illudes to "The Employers" as having a sort of alein origen, this is also consistant with most beleifs about them. Seeing all of the similarities above I conclude that Arlington Steward's employers are (or are based on) the Illuminati. For mor information on Illuminati, their mythology, history, and reported encounters with paranormal and extraterrestrial beings check out the following links.

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    I just saw that movie today a few hours ago, and it is implied that his employers could either be Martian or divine. Such as the fact that as soon as the first transmission from mars reached earth he was killed by lightning and then was resurrected. This could be a form of Martian parasite. However, since he knows about the afterlife, he could also be an angel or demon. Or, a combination, and that the afterlife is located on mars and that the Martians control our existence and hold the power to exterminate the human race, as mentioned when Arlington and the guy from the NSA were talking about why he chose a box for the test.. Those are my three interpretations, and after coming out of the movie theater I had the same question. But since it was never actually mentioned in the movie, we will probably never know....

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