who invented ghd straightners?

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who invented ghd straightners?

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  1. Shelly Shankle

    I think GHD is invented by a South Korean inventor and later on Martin Penny, Gary Douglas, and Robert Powls collaborate and buy rights of GHD.

  2. Arslan Masaud
    Hello, GHD or commonly known as ‘Good Hair Day,’ are the ultimate hair styling agent that has become favorite of every women who suffers from the problem of bad hair. GHD hair straightener is advanced, well-established, and provides a new approach to the world of hair styling and fashion. Invented in the year 2000, GHD hair straighteners transformed the procedure of hair straightening. They provide the great service to serve the needs of troubled hair and can be offer the next level of service to the average hair straightener. The straightener is made up with a new technology that provides the right amount of heat for creating innovative hair styling. But i am not sure that who was the inventor. Hope it helps

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