who founded day of the dead

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I am studying the history of day of the dead. Anyone here knows who founded day of the dead.

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  1. James Augustus

     The Day of the Dead is in fact a celebration of life and it reminds us that life is very precious and have great importance for all living beings. The Day of Dead celebration can found in Aztec, Catholic and Mexican Traditions while it is observed in many other tradisions of the world. It is celeberated for ages but no one knows who started this tradition.
    The Day of the Dead is currently celebrated on November 2, which is All Soul’s Day on the Catholic Calendar. November 1st is All Saints day on the Catholic calendar and is also known as “el dia de los innocentes” or the day of the innocents. This is the day that children who died quite young (before they had a chance to sin) were celebrated due to their “instant sainthood.” October 31st, commonly known s “Halloween” is All Hallows eve and is deeply rooted in many traditions. The Day of the Dead celebration is rooted in the notion that ancestors and other departed loved ones return to earth one day a year and visit with family members and close friends. These ancestors offer advice and guidance and are to be treated with respect and every hospitality.

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