while my 96 dodge intrepid is running the dash goes dead for a few seconds.

by Guest17646146  |  10 years ago

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while the car is running the dash goes dead gages and all.then after a sec or two it turns back on as if the car is being first started.all warning lights and bells just as if i turned the key on for the first time.however the car remains running fine the entire time. i have noticed a werrring noise frtom the alternator .im assuming its going bad- could a low electical output cause this issue?

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  1. Guest17909148
    I just experienced this problem. I called my mechanic and he knew what it was because it happened to his wife's Intrepid. The solder connections on the back of the dash crack allowing it to work at times due to temperture variations. All he did was remove the cluster and re-solder it and replace it. It now works perfectly. He charged me $100. Cheaper than a new cluster!

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