which online shopping store do you like best?Amazon?Shoppingkool?Ebay?

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which online shopping store do you like best?Amazon?Shoppingkool?Ebay?

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  1. ywuoisdf

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  2. Guest28045634

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  3. johnmatt

    I don't know more about these online shopping stores because i never had experiance with them.I just have my personal favourite where i always shop a lot with their best offers.Here it is.

  4. johnmatt

    I never shop on amazon but yes i just shop from dealsandyou and its really a good and best shopping site which can not compare with any other site.It really a best one.

  5. Samiksha Shinde

    Yes even i love to do shopping on this is the best online site to have shopping actually this site really gives very nice discount on all the products related to the accessories and clothes and on all the different products...

  6. johnvictoramw

    Hey Sagar i do agree with you this is the best online shopping site even i purchased some home accessories from and even i get 25% of discount on al my shopping,and the main thing i like is these people first deliver the product and than only they ask for money means i paid all the amount on delivery, not a single penny befor that.. i really like this online shopping site.

  7. Sagar Rao

    I like online shopping. These stores offers great discounts and biggest selection of items. Recently I purchased a BlackBerry phone form It was the great deal and I got 30% discount on original price.

  8. cyrapaul

    Its my favorite you can also try this good one for online shopping

  9. ZZ

     All these three websites are working on the same line of action. These web sites are working like a portal where every is allowed to come for shopping through electronic mediums. 

    They also offer different companies as well to come and advert their products and also sale of all most every thing which is required on daily bases by the users. And these users can be any one from a child to an adult. From a commoner to a business giant. 
    All of these offer products at discounted rates as well when the companies are giving any sort of discount. 
    Now if I would have to select one out from these three shopping portals then I will go with amazon.
  10. maggie

    i like ebay very much,i just bought an iphone case on shoppingkool,and i think it will be my favorite in the future.

  11. Guest23315618

     i usually buy things on amazon, recently my sister said that shoppingkool is cool, i am trying it now and it is ok. the most attractive aspect is that i can have wholesale prices on shoppingkool

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