which brokers in Toronto have muslim real estate agents

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which brokers in Toronto have muslim real estate agents

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  1. Guest22594650

    Guest22587928 its people like you are the ones who cause the gap between people. i'm sure you have no life and anything anyone does around you, makes you mad.

    Now going back to the question, lots of companies in Toronto have agents from diverse backgrounds. i know remax has agents who are from all major religions and cover over 30 languages. I think they also get you setup with Muslim mortgage specialists (mortgage without interests)

  2. Guest22587928

    What difference does it make? Oh that is right you hate to mingle with the INFIDELS HUH....Want to buy a house you need someone who is smart and that means there is no way in h**l they could  be muslim..:) Anyone who worships a moon god and war mongerer is not smart and you should run from them when buying a home..:)

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