where does justin bieber buy his cloths at???HELP.

by Guest13587257  |  9 years, 9 month(s) ago

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I really want to know where Justin Bieber Buys His Cloths at,i love that boy & even though ima girl i still want to know where he geys his cloths,I Love U JB

-Love <3 Sarah Belcher.

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  1. Guest22170223

    American Eagle. ;D

  2. Guest19178799
    d girl who says he doesnt buy abercrombie and hollister is wrong. on his skateboarding video on youtube he is wearing a red hollister t-shirt
  3. Guest18858008
    wal-mart and zellers
  4. Guest17102008
    nah they wrong he buy his sweatshirts from the onetime video at American apparel and he gets alot of his clothes there
  5. Guest15523040
    he buys his clothes at like american apparel and urban outfitters.....i think well im pretty sure. but he deffiantly does not buy em at hollister, abercrombie or any of those places like that....
  6. Guest14020526
    He gets his clothes from someplace.

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