Where did these songs come from?

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I have my question regarding some songs that I have downloaded from somewhere and I do not remember from where. Seem to be some songs that Barry did with country artists. Very strange medley duet with JoDee Messina, Something coming up with Neal McCoy and daybreak including I cannot smile without you with Lila McCann. I want to know from where they came from? If they were released, what was the album, what did the cover look like?

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  1. Harry

    All these songs that have been mentioned were all from a TV special called Manilow Country. It ran on TNN several years ago. None of the duets were ever officially released, which means no album, no video and nothing else. But they do show up on file-sharing sites sometimes, and it has been even seen people trying to sell bootleg CDs of the music on eBay. This does happen many times that there do happen to be certain songs and albums that become very common within the public. At the same time they also get recognition and a large segment of the listeners start liking them. The people do visit shops and other music markets and keep asking for those albums and songs but they never find them available. What happens is that while surfing on the web, people come across with those tracks they have been looking for and just within no time they are able to listen to the songs of their choice rather effortlessly.

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