CD Rom is not opening.

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CD Rom of my computer is not opening for many days. I tried to open but failed to do so. How can I fix the problem of CD Rom. Please help me!

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  1. James Augustus

    • Clarify that there is no locking software installed in the computer. It restricts the tray from opening. If you do not know about that, reboot the computer. The tray will be ejected during rebooting.
    • There is possibility of losing or disconnecting of the CD-ROM if you have currently connected a new CD-ROM, or DVD, or you have moved the computer.
    • If you are working on Microsoft Windows go to My computer, place your cursor on disk drive and right-click on the disc drive and further click on the option to eject.
    • If this opens your CD-ROM drive tray, this is because of the defect of button on the CD-ROM and need to replace the drive.
    • Sometimes CDs get stuck in the drive. In that case, put a paper clip into the hole and eject the CD-ROM tray manually.
    • If the CD-ROM drive is not opening then gears within the CD-ROM drive have become bad or dislodged from its position.
    • If your computer has IBM compatibility and recently connected the CD-ROM drive and is not to open the drive, disconnect the IDE cable to check that you not facing an issue with an incompatibility between the CD-ROM and motherboard. Once the IDE cable has been disconnected, switch on the computer and check if the CD-ROM drive tray is now able to be opened.
    • It is recommended you to place the interface card supplied with the CD-ROM drive or the ATAPI interface on the sound card / motherboard if the drive is able to be opened with the IDE / ATAPI cable disconnected.

    I hope all these tips will be very helpful for you. Good Luck!

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