whats jaden smith cell phone number?

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whats jaden smith cell phone number?

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  1. Guest28055099

    hey is asia davidson jaden smith

  2. Guest24186866

    ilove jadin smith big fan of you i just want your  nuber really bad so we cn be friends my name is dishanique my bday is october 6 iwas in 1999..ilove call me my number is 3236853445 i love your pretty mom and sis and daddy bt plz give me your number and add me on facebook you and your sis your so hot cn we be friends.... call me


  3. Guest23189343

    you are s**y jaden smith call me im sending you  fan mail write to me at

  4. Guest23189314
    1. Jaden ilove u so much and i want to no your phon number  and my number is 9016747357
  5. Guest23179885

    hi  jaden im your nummber 1 fannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   you  can  talk to  me  on  fb password  is  jadensmith something  i  will  give  you  the  rest   of  my  password  when  you  see   what  i  sent

  6. Guest23179861

    hey jaden smith Abby I just want to get your number so that I can text you sometimes that I said hi and I love her song I WHIP MY HAIR

  7. Guest23163592

    guest22398751 you can shut the f**k up

  8. Guest22645220

    ok now i may not be a #1 fab because there are prob people out there that think about u 24/7 and have there pic on there ceiling and kiss it every mornin im not like that but i am a huge and and i like looked up yesterday what your b-day is and i found july 8th 1998 and i was born july 8th 1998 so i freaked told everyone on fb i like love you u inspire me u can rap u can act and definitly dance and i hope your reading this and someday i realy want to meet and be friends with you

  9. Guest22571224

    Hey Jaden this is ur #1 FAN!!!!!! I love u!!!!!!! U can rap,Ilove never say never.Tell the fam Hi. Love u bye.  :)


  10. Guest22571224

    I dont know i was asking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  11. Guest22521318

     hello jaden im a real fan of yours we even look alike a bit although i,ve not watched ur movie  i love u am really a great fan of ur father and we were both born on the same month i,ve watched all his movies it,s left with yours dont worry i,ll watch it one day.thanks please contact me on maybe we could be twins in a movie and i also love acting and im black bye.thanks for reading.

  12. Guest22398751

    i dont care wat his number is cuz i now im goin to get it wen we get together and theres no doubt about it even if im not famous or rich we can have a half normal family for all i care!!!!!!!!!!     LOVE YOU JADEN SMITH AND HIS FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Guest22117681

    jaden i have seen ur photos ,u look so cute, handsome,good looking ur verrrryy cute. i like u, i am 12 years old too, but i born in june 1 1998. i love your family. My name is Donnai.

  14. Guest21881789

     i  have his number it is:690347896

  15. Guest21614294

    heyy jaden smith if your reading this i hope you like me because i am really looking forward to meeting you and i think your so cuuute and adorable i am about the same age as you but im 13 tho but i dont vare if your a year younger beacause i think your so cute but i dont want to bother you or anything so yeah. But anyways if we do ever date i hope it can stay for a while because i have dated other boys but they have cheated on me and i know your not that kind of guy..! welll hope to meet you ..! My name is Ashneily by the way.

  16. Guest21353657
  17. Guest20893029
    well i know jadens phone number cause i got it online and i called him i asked him if we can be friends he said yah and he said i have a nice voice and i sent him a picture and he said i look nice no lie and his phone number is 6784960205
  18. Guest20719290
    only his friends,family,and girlfriend know have to become really close with him as friends or something in order to have it...but if ur a fan,he probably has an official fan number like the way madison pettis does...

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