what to wear in winters?

by Kevin  |  10 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Its very confusing as what to wear in winters. coats and jackets really s***w all the clothes you are wearing! suggest something plz

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    Thanks! great help!
  3. Kevin
    What clothes should be preferred wearing in the winters? Nobody wants to get cold in the freezing climate. Yet winter demands jackets and coats which totally cover everything. But its not about what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Jackets and sweaters can be worn in a very hip and funky way. Like wear nice and trendy jackets and sweater with good cuts which actually give a shape to your body rather than those which completely cover your body in their own shape and make you look shapeless and fat. Select the colors which suit you. Experiment different contrasts and combinations. These days funkiest jackets are available in all great colors. You should not only restrict yourself to just black or brown when it comes to jackets. If you do then have some guts and try some vibrant colors that suit you. Long coats also look very trendy in winters. Also try tying a scarf wearing around your neck it gives the ultimate look just if you know how to wear it. Just don’t keep it hanging on both sides of the neck, that’s old and boring. Try tying funky knots! Also be it winters or summers make sure while dressing up make sure you keep the basic rules in mind like your belt and shoes should always match etc. Another fashion symbol which is most in demand is Headwear. Unique Embroidered headwear adds an elegant and a hip hop touch in your personality. With the use of vibrant colors, these hats attract females and make their days and night more pleasant. These includes embroidered hats, caps, mesh hats, bucket hats, baseball caps, knit hats, trucker hats, headbands etc.

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