what software do i need to run on mac in order to troubleshoot issues on Payflex Smart Cards?

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I own a local business where i have customers deposit money into a machine and it gives them a Payflex Smart card with a 1 dollar deposit, they have fun spending money on my products off the chip and upon returning their card they get their one dollar back. My machine inwhich pays them back their one doller (or more) isn't giving back the remaining balance and i have to check this manually to see their balances. i had to shut down my place till i have a tech come look at that machine but until then i have some angry customers that want their money back from what's left on the card (and i'm not going to pay them what they "say" is on it, i want to see myself, before i pay) any help is greatly appreciated, i'm running a MAC OS X 10.6 and SCR3310 Card Reader, i need some kind of software to read/modify the data on my Payflex Smart Cards i purchased. Thanks ahead of time for any help.

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