what should i name my daughter

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I cant decide between these names and would appreciate your views.

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  1. Sagitarion
    Hi there! Chiara:- Is pronounced kee-AR-ah, kee-AH-ra. It is of Italian origin, and its meaning is "light". Mia:- It actually means Missing in Action Caitlín:- Is a female given name of Irish origin, which means "pure" So keeping all this in mind I guess Chiara OR Caitlin Are nice names as the meanings are very beautiful. And among these two I personally suggest you Chiara. But the Choice is yours Thanks for having my views

  2. Leonardo
    Well i will suggest you "Eve" hope you will like this.
  3. Arslan Masaud
    Chiara is of Italian origin and its meaning is LIGHT Mia is of Israeli, Latin and Scandinavian origin. In Israeli, feminine short form of Michal Caitlin It is of Irish and Gaelic origin. personally i like chiara cause of its meaning thanks

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