what should i do when my 14 year old daughter wets her pants and bed?

by dewrewre  |  6 years, 9 month(s) ago

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my 14 year old daughter wets her pants and bed a lot.i`v took her to seveal doctors who say theres really nothing wrong with I know she doing it on purpose I`v tryed everything I know to stop her from doing this.but so far nothings worked

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  1. Guest28307968

    I failed to add, that deep sleep will cause an individual

    to not awake to the urgency to empty the bladder, much the

    same as a toddler cannot be toilet trained until they feel

    the urgency, bse it 15 months or 3 years+  Maybe there is no

    sensation of urgency.  You did not say if your child is normal or


    However, since she is leaking during the day, sounds

    more like a muscle issue.

  2. Guest28087211

     you should buy her both disposable diapers and cloth diapers and rubber pants and make her wear them.she should wear disposables and rubberpants during the day and cloth diapers and the rubberpants to bed at night.there are many websites that sell disposable and cloth diapers and rubber pants for teens.My 15 year old daughter is a wetter and i use cloth and disposable diapers on her with rubber pants.i get her cloth diapers and rubber pants from and also from Babypants .com.they fit her good and do the job.

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