what should i do when my 14 year old daughter wets her bed and pants

by dewrewre  |  6 years, 9 month(s) ago

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my 14 year old daughter wets her pants and bed alot.i`v took her to seveal doctors who all say thing nothing really wrong with I know she doing it on purpose.I`v tryed everything I know to stop this.but so far nothings worked.

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  1. Guest28307968

    Horrible advice.  How Cruel. Get the young lady to

    urologist immediately.  Infections, weak muscles, small bladder.

    If your daughter was small at birth, may have a very

    small bladder.  Also there are medication to slow the production

    of urine overnight.  I'm sure this is not a "Choice" item.

  2. Guest28307779

     Get that 14 year old into diapers and rubberpants! No disposables-only cloth pin on diapers with adult size rubberpants over them!

  3. Guest28283083

     `thank for all your commeds thought I`d up date everyone how things turned out.when daughter was just 15 and a half years old she was still weting her pants during the day time and bed at night more then she did at I put her back into cloth diapers and plastic panties 24/7.before long she become diaper depended she had no contrlo over her bladder and bowls anymore.she could not go without her diapers any more even if she wanted to I know she use the potty in her diapers before she knew she had to go.she had to use diapers all the I started treating her like a baby crib playpen high chair even car seat and she a baby again and does only what baby`s the house and car doesn`t smell like a bathroom anymore.besides I know she become what she wanted to be all a long a baby again.

  4. Guest28258987

     Get your daughter into her room and get the cloth diapers and plastic pants on her asap! girls that age who are wetting like that need to be in diapers and plastic pants.make her wear the diapers and plastic pants to bed every night,and just the plastic pants during the day.If she becomes diaper dependent,thats a good thing and she will be a baby again and you can treat her like one.There is absolutely nothing wrong with teen girls wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants!

  5. Guest28142646

    thanks for all the comments.i`m a single mom and now my daughter 15 is still wetting herseft at night and day time which she will not do like when around friends familly and others.I want to put her into diapers if for no other reason that my house and car wouldn`t smell like a bathroom anymore.but i`m afraid that what she wants me to do and she`ll become diaper depended and have to wear diapers 24/ ever I havealready bought the diapers and plastic pants so what should i do now?

  6. Guest28130872

     put her into cloth diapers and rubber pants! that is the only solution for a 14 year old girl!

  7. Guest28124445

     put her in to cloth diapers and plastic pants at night!more bedwetting girls wear cloth diapers and plastic pants than do boys and they are better for daughter is 15 and i use the cloth diapers and rubberpants on her at night and they work great,

  8. Guest28116098

     put her into cloth diapers and rubber pants at bed time and then make her wear training pants and rubberpants during the works!

  9. Guest28106744

     my 14 year old daughter was doing the same thing-wetting her pants and bed and she was checked out and nothing was found wrong with her.she too was doing it on purpose out of spite because i had set new rules for her.I went to walmart and got several packages of the 24x27 inch cloth diapers and diapers pins,then ordered plastic pants from a website.After the rubber pants came,i took them and the diapers into her room when she was doing her homework and showed them to her and told her she had to wear them to bed and around since she was wetting like a baby.I then forced her to lay on her bed and brought her nightgown up and pinned the diapers on her,then put the rubber pants on her .she cried as i did it.that next saturday,she was the senior flower girl in our neices wedding,and i took some of the cloth diapers and a pair of rubber pants and when i dressed her,i brought them out and told her she had to wear them under her white dress for the entire time.i pinned them on her then put the rubber pants on over them,then her bra,slip,dress.veil,lace socks and shoes.she was quite embarrassed wearing the diapers and rubber pants under her dress and after that got the message and stopped her wetting.

  10. Guest28104753

     when our 14 yearold daughter was wetting her pants and bed,i got her a package of the size 7 pampers diapers for older kids and several pairs of toddler size rubber pants and made her wear the pampers and rubber pants to bed and around the house and on weekends.It all came to an end one sunday morning after we got home from church and two of her friends came over and when she went to change out of her dress,they saw the pampers and rubber pants on her and teased her and asked her why she was wearing them.after that she has never wet again!

  11. Guest28063107

     Beleive me it works! our 15 year old daughter was doing the same thing and we put her into cloth diapers and rubber pants and she hated them but they did the trick!

  12. Guest28020152

     To Dewrewre, have you tried making your daughter wear cloth diapers and rubber pants? they sell then in teen sizes here on the daughter was 14 and doing the same thing and i got her cloth diapers,diaper pins,rubber pants,baby powder,diaper rash ointment.I simply told her that if she is going to wet like a baby,then she has to wear the diapers and rubber pants around the house and to bed.she resisted,but dad and i forced them on her that first night.she had to wear them every day after school untill bed time,then it was a fresh diaper and rubber pants at bedtime.she hated having them put on her and it lasted two weeks and she finially stopped the wetting. I suggest you do this with your daughter as it will change her attitude quickly.

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