Name of the movie paradiod related to Simpson.

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My friend and I saw an episode of the Simpsons that we think is a parody of an old movie. We'd love to see the film, if only we could figure out what it was! In it, Homer is a journalist that finds out secrets he isn't supposed to know. He gets sent to a secret island for people who know too much. They all have numbers instead of names, wear crazy Victorian outfits, and there's all sorts of weird stuff with the background like flamingos wearing top hats. Does any of this ring a bell?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    I think it can be the parody of British Television, series Prisoner, It went on air on 29th February 1967 to the date of 1st February. The series started off when a former agent was held in the prison. The place of village was located in the mysterious seaside village and there people captured him asked as if why he left the job. The serial was aired on the US cable channel named AMS. The ideas behind the episode of Danger man is that Drake infiltrates finds out about a school in the world war2 and this school was working as a spy. McGoohan accepted the suggestion of Markstein on material which he has been developing since he started his work in the year 1960. The next few years were spend working on the format. The designer Sir Clough William Ellis suggested that that the location of the movie should not be disclosed until the last episode.

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