what kind of pill is this white with brown specks has p n on it sanofi

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big oval sanofi white with brown specks

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, All FDA approved pharmaceuticals must have a unique imprint. An imprint is any marking on the pill such as an engraved logo, numbers and/or letters, or a raised or debossed symbol. Some pill imprints are quite simple. Maybe the imprint is only a logo; other times it's one letter or number. We have assembled a list of some unusual imprints that are hard to identify and which are commonly mistaken for street drugs such as ecstasy. These drug imprints are the hardest to find in the databases because there is so little information to go on. It's a lot easier to identify a pill marked with a letter and three or four numbers than a drug imprint consisting of only one letter, number, logo or shape. Pills with simple imprints make positive pill identification difficult. Look through any imprint database, and you're likely to find many different medications marked with an identical letter or number. Pills in the OTC (over the counter) category are the worst offenders. This category has the most pills thought to be ecstasy because it's so hard to identify these vague imprints. Acetaminophen 500 mg - Leiner Health Products Red circle imprinted Z, N Anacin (400 mg aspirin, 32 mg caffeine) - Insight Pharmaceuticals White circle described as arrow, Christmas tree Aspirin 81 mg - Time Cap Labs Yellow circle imprinted with heart logo, raised heart, yellow heart Same tablet is available in peach. Aspirin 81 mg - PDK Labs Yellow circle described as K, K with arrow, special K Aspirin 81 mg - LNK International Peach circle imprinted L, 7 Aspirin 81 mg - LNK International Yellow circle imprinted L, 7 Aspirin 81 mg - Time Cap Labs Yellow circle described as raised figure 8, infinity sign, double circle

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