what jobs r there,involvng studying violent offendrs......

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diagnose any mental disorders,study their psychology,brain function&chemistry, and genetic, environmental,social,and past trauma/abuse, to try to find ways to treat and even prevent potential future violent offenders, from commiting any offenses, long before they are most likely to actually attempt any offenses

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     can someone who has direct knowledge of what that career title is called, because I am in my 30's, and I finally got my high school diploma a few years ago, and now just recently was able to begin college and start my journey towards getting the degrees and education that i want and need, so that I can finally do what makes me happy, and have a strong interest in,and a passion for, but I dont know what job title this technically is called and where I would go to even begin a career where I would be doing those specific things that I said in my above question post, and im even pretty ashamed that i have to even ask this silly question, and i should already know, but honestly i truely dont know the technical job titles and careers that those specific duties would entail what i'd be doing for work, so can anyone PLEASE help me with this???? preferably someonbe who is educated directly or second handed, and can state the answers are a 100% fact

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