what is ur phone number and cell please let us know back thanks!!!!!

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me and my friend charity cutlip want to know what ur number is and charity`s number is 4846031 and my cell phone number 6318673 and i was wondering why r u so cute and my name is victoria wagner and we think ur really cute and this is carity now victoria wants to know if you will go out with one of us thanks and please text back were ur number 1 fans and we totally love but i liked u longer charity said she liked u longer and victoria said ur s**y and we were wondering if u would be able to hang out with us sometime lke in the summer and victoria wag ner lives in springfield haverst square 2646 and this is charity now hey i have u on myspace and i was wondering if u like dont really dont know woul u date her and in this summer im moving to indian lake and if u know where its at and u could go to the beach at indian lake so we can hang out just us two and of course my mom and her boyfreind and my sis will be there too and victoria said she really loves u and she wnts to go out with u!!!!!!!!! Yup thats the truth too bye justin i love u and victoria does tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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