what is u in the abc's of technical writing and its meaning?

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what is u in the abc's of technical writing and its meaning?

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  1. tonyjohnsonn

    Technical writing is the art and science of translating technical information into readable, accessible writing usable by a wide audience.

  2. James Goble

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  3. Leonardo
    The Holistic Guide to Technical Writing: ABC's of Technical Writing 1. Accuracy - must be tactful in the recording of data, statement of calculating mathematical figures. 2. Brevity - it's easier to grasp the main idea of the report written if you have a brief report. 3.Confidence - a writer has to be decisive or sure of what is he writing about. 4. Dignity - ring of authority - all grammatical constructions must be complete, no flowery words. - ideas/info must be well-organized, simplified, summarized & expressed in straightforward manner. 5. Emphasis - stressing the major points & subordinating them. 6. Facility - devices used by the writer. 6.1. Pacing - technical/unfamiliar info should be presented from small to large quantity. 6.2. Sequence - familiar to unfamiliar ; simple to complex. 6.3. Arrangement - significant details should be stressed & balanced to show their proper relationship. 6.4. Continuity - thought should be clearly established, illustrated, or stated. 7.Grammatical Correctness - reflects the communicative competence of the writer. 8. Honesty - if the writer borrowed some statements, ideas, or quotations, he has to acknowledge them either in footnotes, endnotes, or cite the author or sources.

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