What is the tradional sport in Gambia?

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Hey,I just want to know about more about Gambia, so can someone tell me what is the tradional sport in Gambia? Please

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  1. Jacob

    Modern traditional wrestling is one of the oldest traditional sports in Gambia and wrestling festivals are a regular occurrence. Leg locks are sanctioned but there are no patterned arm or head locks, or complex points system. The object of the game is basically to lob one's opponent to the ground. The first wrestler down in the bout loses the contest.
    The bulk regular style of grappling is shown among the Mandinka, Fulas and Jolas. It involves each opponent seizing each other's trunks at the innovation of the bout. After numerous strategic manoeuvrings each one would offer to lob the other to the ground. Serers otherwise prefer to go straight for the lets and render their opponent off-balance.
    A wrestling fit is component recreational activities and component commemoration with music. However, in Gambia it is more than just recreational activities and entertainment. It is an noteworthy component of the traditional way of life and is coordinated to reflect numerous of the bulk intensely rooted ideals of the societies that encourage it. The wrestling arena is a location to demonstrate spirit, strive, strength, pallid play; a location to honour the characters of society.


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