What is the story behind Chinese New Year?

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People have different myths, traditions and stories upon Chinese New Year. Last week, I visited one of my friends who were talking about the story behind the Chinese Year, which made me interested in listening too, but due to some compulsion, I could not hear the complete tale. It has created some doubts in my mind and I think it cannot be a true story, but a myth indeed. Can you please help me relate the story so that I can get to know the story and prediction of the Chinese New Year 2010? Your valuable help may add to my knowledge and I’ll appreciate your efforts. Please try relating the story behind Chinese New Year 2010. Thanks!

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  1. John

    According to a variety of stories, traditions and myths (as related by different people), there is a common folk-tale that interprets how every animal was allotted to its year. Ultimately, a racing competition was organized and all the animals were gathered at a place. As the rat was the little of all animal and he knew that there is no possibility for him to win honestly. So, he managed to convince an ox to let him travel on the head. So, just before reaching their destination or to the winning point, the cunning rat leapt down and traversed the complete line as a winner. This is because the first year of Chinese calendar is dedicated to the rat in the cycle and the ox stood second, so the second year is famous for the ox. Similarly, the year 2010 is narrated as the year of tiger. I hope this information will help you get your answer well. Good luck!


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