what is the spiritual symbol of a fly?

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what is the meaning of a fly who lands in your coffee right after an argument?i know it means something, its trying to say something i just dont know what. my boyfriend and i were fighting then a fly landed in his coffee.

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  1. Guest28111953

    Flies and other tiny airborne creatures symbolize the spirits of our deceased love ones. Flight represents the freedom of one's spirit after leaving the body, so the presence of these little insects shows us that our love is boundless and timeless. Whenever you see these creatures, especially indoors, please say a small prayer for each one of your loved ones in Heaven. They really do see you and hear you from beyond.

  2. Guest20310381
    flies represent annoyance, usually irritation and evil. So when a fly landed in his coffee, that was probably because you were both sending out negative energy. :)
  3. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Many of us have had them: dreams of soaring high in the sky; flying to the stars. And many of us have had these: dreams of falling from some great height fearful and panicked. What do flying and falling dreams symbolize? In waking life we are limited--we cannot take to the skies like Superman. Therefore, flying dreams can be symbolic of liberation from limits or 'rising above' a situation. Flying dreamers are usually flying high in the sky--the sky being a symbol of spirituality. So these dreams may symbolize an expansion in spiritual awareness and leave the dreamer with feelings of empowerment, hope, peace, and exhilaration. Sometimes dreamers report meetings with angels or spirit guides while flying. Keep in mind that this angel or guide may be you in disguise--you as your Higher Self--the Self which has more wisdom and knowledge about you than anyone else. Whether the angel is you yourself or an actual angel, pay careful attention to dreams of this nature--they are powerful dreams potent with spirituality. Are there obstacles to your dream flight? Are clouds blocking the line of sight, trees are in the way, or telephone or power lines entangling you? If so, they may be symbolizing situations in waking life which are limiting--situations from which we feel unable to liberate ourselves. Clouds can symbolize an emotional situation, poor judgement, or unrealistic expectations. Trees may indicate a complex situation with many 'branches'. Telephone lines can indicate problems with communication while power lines speak of issues with personal power or feeling drained of power. Sometimes the dreamer may desperately want to fly but cannot leave the ground. This usually indicates a deep longing for liberation accompanied by a limiting fear. Is there something going on in waking life that you are excited about but fear starting or fear you'll fail if you try? Sometimes the dreamer may only be able to hover a few feet off the ground. Is there a situation you're involved in that you fear you cannot handle or fear you don't have what it takes to see it through? If so, go back to the dream and remember that once you've defied gravity, the deed is done--go ahead and take off in that dream! Do the same in waking life--if you've made it far enough to get the situation 'off the ground' you've got it in you to make it soar! Oftentimes flying dreams are precursors to lucid dreams because if you can become lucid enough to realize you are flying, the leap to full dreaming consciousness becomes a short step. And there are those who believe that flying dreams, like lucid dreams are actually out-of-body experiences--the soul has left the body behind so it may explore other realms. Dreams that start off with flight but end with crashing to earth usually indicate a loss of control or fear of failure. Ironically, these dreams may also point to a fear of success. If you've become accustomed to a certain way of life--even a bad way of life--leaving it behind can be scary. What's out there? What will I do with all this freedom? I know how to handle the bad stuff but what do I do with success? This leads us to pure falling dreams. Falling is not something we generally chose to do--it is something that happens to us, something over which we have no control. Therefore falling dreams are usually symbolic of severe anxiety, feelings of helplessness, being overwhelmed emotionally, or feelings being pushed beyond one's limits. Falling dreams that occur shortly after sleep are usually a bit more mundane: shifting from an upright to prone position may cause a drop in blood pressure which the dreaming mind then translates into a falling sensation. Flying and falling dreams are like two points on opposite ends of an arc--freedom and liberation on one end; fear and limitation on the other. Look at your waking life and try to identify which end of the spectrum you are on. If you're on the flying end keep on soaring to the stars. If you're on the falling end try to identify what's holding you back--then go chase a star yourself!

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