what is the setting of the story may day eve by nick joaquin

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what is the setting of may day eve

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     putek yan hinahanap ko ung sagot hindi ung mga epal na comments na bali wala lang 


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    f**k this b***h!


  3. Guest22511192

     Plsss tell me whats the name of your mother!!.. i need ur answer!!... 

    plssss... i love your mother!!... 


  4. Guest21284789
  5. Guest21284789
  6. Guest21258276
     In the castle  The Pavilions  The bathroom  Inside the toilet
  7. Guest20093953
    putang ina talaga kailan pa ba ako titigil
  8. Guest18038077
  9. Guest16575905
    May 1847, Midnight of May
  10. Guest16557324
  11. Guest16557324
  12. Guest11874453
    at the fiesta onthe month of may and then he story shifted in the house of anastacia
  13. Guest11874453
    at the disco plaza and shifterd to the house of Anastacia
  14. Guest11449687
    mostly it's in the sala/ living room where the mirror is... All 3 generations started there
  15. Guest11438281
    the story happened on ewan??? ano nga ba??
  16. Guest11199038
    what is the setting of the story may day eve by nick joaquin

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