what is the ranking for scsvmv university at kanchipuram?

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i couldn't find it tell me if u can.

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  1. Guest22250216

    It is one of the best colleges in India, not saying this bcos I went to this college but all my buddies who had passed out of this college have excelled in their career and most ppl in USA with me here. Go for it !

  2. Guest22208936

    it should be  from the last or mat be second last

  3. Guest21807773

    it got best faculties in mech dept.........moreover it performed  good in intercollege culturals.

  4. Guest20768438
    average more than that........
  5. muhammad rizwan
    ist rank
  6. Guest20290842
    It has got one of the best Mechanical Engineering Departments.
  7. Guest19746440
    tamilnadu first deemed university in 1993
  8. Guest19347791
    it is top college in india in csc,eee,ece
  9. Guest17413871
    what is the ranking for scsvmv university at kanchipuram?
  10. Guest16908169
    its less than 150
  11. Guest15989439
    all india 99th rank.
  12. Guest15724684
  13. Guest11566362

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