what is the rank of doaba group of college

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what is the rank of doaba group of college

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Director of Doaba Group of Colleges here was today arrested for allegedly trying to molest a girl student in his office. While Amul Raaj (52) has pleaded innocence, the college administrations have placed him under suspension and ordered an inquiry into the episode. A second year pharmacy student in her complaint alleged that Raaj locked her inside the office and tried to outrage her modesty on Friday and also threatened her. She said he tried to repeat the same on Monday. Meanwhile, talking to reporters, Raaj denied the allegations, saying the girl “is like his daughter”. The issue has created resentment among the students, who held a protest demonstration. College authorities claimed that the Director had asked the girl to attend the classes regularly, while the protesting students claimed that attendance was not important in pharmacy. The girl was staying in a hostel as her parents are residing in USA. Chief Administrator, Doaba Group of Colleges, Jeet Singh said that one of the girl’s relatives on Monday assaulted Raaj and brought the matter to the notice of the police. Singh said that the Director has been placed under suspension and the Women Grievances Cell of the college has been asked to look into the complaint. “Director Amul Raaj who is from Tamil Nadu had joined the college recently and earlier he was with Roorkee College of Pharmacy. The girl claimed that she was assaulted on Friday, but she did not brought the matter to my notice then. “Now all of a sudden she has complained to the police. The girl never used to attend classes,” he said.

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