What is the price of new Inglis stove?

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I decided to buy new Inglis stove for my kitchen! Does anybody know the price of new Inglis stove?I would like to know about the Inglis company.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The Inglis has a proud name and heritage in Canada. In the year 1859, armed with metalworking and other pattern-making skills which were learned in England and Scotland, John Inglis moved to the place of Guelph, Ontario and there it started Mair, Inglis and Evatt which built machinery for grist and other flour mills.

    In 1881, it operated under the name John Inglis and Sons, the company moved to facilities on Strachan Avenue in the city Toronto. But in the year 1898, with the enterprise growing at a rapid pace , John Inglis died. William was one of John's five sons, he then assumed leadership of the business. In the year 1902, he led the company into the manufacturing of marine steam engines and waterworks pumping engines, and later he discontinued production of its previous product line.

    When William Inglis died in the year 1935, he was the new Toronto Island Ferry was named after him in appreciation of his significant contribution to the city's industrial and cultural progress.
    For about 150 years ago John Inglis and his sons started a small company in Guelph, in the city of Ontario, in Canada. The company was founded on the principles of providing customers quality and other long lasting products that provide the practical innovation. Nowadays Inglis Home Appliances continues his hard word and keeps on focusing on the cutting edge technology to provide the best quality innovations to the industry, as it remains very much committed to offer long lasting laundry and other kitchen appliances. Due to the proven reputation for the manufacturing quality of the products that consumers have trusted and also providing the customers with some of the best products for many years to come.
    You can check about the prices of these stoves from the following sites

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