what is the name of the Sean Cody model Jamie?

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what is the name of the Sean Cody model Jamie?

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  1. Guest28441267

     He's back in his home town in Clay County working at a factory there.  Not doing p**n anymore.

  2. Guest28117035

     Search for Dennis Mills on facebook (that's Kyle Mills FB)  He has a chinstrap now and is dating a girl.

  3. Guest28005469

     if you like sc guys, you might want to know abt grant 3 (barebackd with ashton). hes on my flickr photos. photos from college and hookup sites. my username on flickr is comeoutstrong.

  4. Guest27193915

    go to his name is kyle mills...florida state champion


  5. Guest23329988

    he is Kyle mills, he's brother is Dani mills, search him in Facebook.

  6. Guest23094746

    His name is Kyle Mills. I did a scene with him and he said he was a wrestler in Gainesville, Florida at Clay High Scool I believe. He must be about 20. The dude loves to get fucked and suck c**k. But he was paid only about $500 for getting fucked by Sean Cody. He's very hot.

  7. Guest22709121

    you'll see his picture here too, signing a get well banner...definitely Kyle Mills...



  8. Guest22645555

     Kyle Mills

  9. Guest22472177

    he dated a girl?  this from a guy who said he liked to get fucked bent over on a bed?

  10. Guest21689552

    looks like Kyle Mills.

  11. Guest21657267

    Im telling you his name is Kyle Mills! I'm not lying. He was in my algebra class with me at Clay High School!


  12. Guest20679947
    haha c'mon guys lets get serious here and find out what this hot guy's real name is :-D
  13. Guest20583613
    Art Vandelay
  14. Guest20528565
    I have a feeling that guy is chatting s**t, does anyone have any real information on this jamie guy? Does he just all that c**k in his a*s or is he just hooked in the cash? I hear they get 5k a pop every time they bottom...thats alot of f*****g cash!
  15. Guest19907457
    do you have his facebook/myspace?
  16. Guest19827394
    Kyle Mills. I was in high school with him. He was in my Algebra class, Mr. McGee's. He dated a girl named Kim.
  17. Guest19562610
    Does anyone know his guys name?
  18. Guest19268193
    Does anyone know his real name? where is he? what s he doing?

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