what is the firing order of a 1990 eagle talon 2.0?

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what is the firing order of a 1990 eagle talon 2.0?

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, It could be about 100 things. How do you treat the car, are you hard on it or drive it easy? Can you hear the fuel pump starting, so the fuel. I always tell people to start with the easy things and work your way to the costly things. How is your battery is it holding a good charge? Battery cables in good shape? broken, loose or disconnected wring in the starting circuit, starting motor pinion jammed in flywheel ring gear, starter faulty, ignition switch faulty, don't says the miles but maybe the starter pinion or flywheel teeth worn or broken. You need to get a manual for your car, check things that it tells you to do. Could be you have a sensor, relay or even the computer could have gone. But you need that manual to check things, try getting a Haynes it is a good one to understand. Any parts store should carring one for your car. Hope this gives you some ideas and good luck!

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