what is the example of rising intonation

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rising intonations

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     we use rising intonation if the question is answerable by yes or no and we are using question mark at the end of the sentence, while falling intonation answers the "wh questions" and it has period at the end of the sentence.

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    we'll go together
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    rising intonation is different in falling intonation right?
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    f**k u
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    -is everything okay? -wont you come in? -do you know the way? -are you done? -are you hungry?
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    Rising intonation is used when asking questions
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    what is the answer
  9. Marco Briges
    Rising intonation is used when asking questions and for exclamatory sentences. An exclamatory sentence is one that shows excitement or emotion such as, "He just won first place!", and "We are the new champions!" Intonation falls for declarative statements such as, "The capital of Florida is Tallahasse."

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