what is the best car

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what is the best car

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  1. Guest24802711

    holden astra wagon
    is the best car bcs One car make that well and truly has its roots in Australia is Holden. This car is the quintessential Aussie vehicle, big, tough and rugged. for more info visit .

  2. rodolfo v

    toyota for me. it would be best if it will be converted into water fueled car which was invented in 1968 by a Filipino inventor daniel dingel. he was able to separate hydrogen and oxygen in water.

    there are cars running in phils. using tap water

    here is a link for you just SKIP on upper right side to view the link

  3. Guest12469026
  4. Guest12432642
    i think lotus aswell
  5. Leonardo
    Mitsubishi is one of the best car.
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