what is justin drew bieber's email adress is

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what is justin drew bieber's email adress is

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  1. Guest22875605


    jeg elsker dig som en vennen går på facebook så gør jeg og so på facebook i morgen jeg kom hjem fra skole så er du lækker

    hilsen noelia

  2. Guest22875605

    hey jeg komme fra danmark jeg snakker til dig hvis du svar mig så skan jeg lig dig som en venne spøre mig hvis du vile var venner med mig jeg har facebook jeg har spøre dig vi skulle var venner du svar ikke til mig 

    hilsen noelia  love you  :-)

  3. Guest22719749

    Once Belieber,Always Belieber!<'33

  4. Guest22648995

    Hello Justin Drew Bieber.

    i`m your bigest fan ever i love you.<3<3<3<3


  5. Guest22380194

    give me the actual email justin

  6. Guest20189969
    no they make it up i mean it dosen't matter we shoudn't bother talking about his email it's too many questions it's anoying if justin was reading this he might be really anoyed.
  7. Guest20189969
    no they make it up
  8. Guest17339957
    uhhhhhh no and i wouldn't trust anyone to give his email away listen if you want to talk to him that bad get facebook he on facebook

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